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What Is Equity Release?

Find out how equity release schemes work

Equity release refers to a range of products that let you convert equity tied up in your home into cash. When you reach 55, you can take the money you release as a lump sum, in several payments or as a combination of both.

There are two equity release options

Lifetime Mortgages

Most people who take out equity release use a lifetime mortgage. You don’t usually make any repayments while you’re alive. Interest is ‘rolled up’ and added to your loan.

Some lifetime mortgages offer you the option to pay all or some of the interest. Some let you pay off the interest and capital.

In the same way that ordinary mortgages vary from lender to lender, so do lifetime mortgages. We offer Independent advice from the whole market. We have specialist qualifications to advise on Equity Release and have done now for many years.

We are often able to offer our clients special terms, because we are members of the Equity Release Council and Later Life Academy.

Home Reversion

Home reversion allows you to sell some or all your home to a provider. In return, you’ll get a lump sum or regular payments.

Your home will be inspected to make sure you keeping it maintained.

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